Consolidating emails to one gmail account

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And also for most of those accounts to be with online services.

We’ve put together a guide for all the major email providers, making it easy for you to figure out how to get all of your emails into one inbox, and do away with the time-waster of checking several inboxes every morning.

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With Gmail, getting all of your other email accounts into your Gmail inbox couldn’t be easier.

We’ve already walked you through the process in the past here Many of us have multiple Gmail accounts to separate private email from work and projects.

Once it’s enabled, it can be configured under With Outlook launching a web-based interface, and taking Hotmail’s place, you can now use the service to create a unified inbox.

Sign in with your Microsoft Live account, or sign up for a new account if you don’t have one.

Generally, most people are fine with checking different websites because they use their different email accounts for different purposes – like one for junk email (use that address when you buy online), one for more private emails with only the people you want to hear from, and a super-secret one for password resets, in case any other email or online account gets hacked.