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He landed his screen acting debut at the age of eight, starring as the son of Mira Sorvino in Sweet Nothing (1995).

He played a lead in The Tic Code (1999) with the legendary Gregory Hines and on Broadway as Tiny Tim.

Christopher Marquette was born in Stuart, Florida, on October 3, 1984.

He began modeling at the age of four in Dallas, Texas.

I just found more photos that I'd never seen before on that Film page that I'm gonna upload.


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    Kim owns the record scores under the revamped judging system in the short program (78.50), free skate (150.06) and combined score (228.56), all set in her Olympic gold medal-winning performance in Vancouver in 2010.

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    ) My name's Marcelina, but everyone usually calls me Marcie unless I'm in trouble (which isn't often since I'm kind of a goody-goody dork who always follows the rules).

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    The competitors each must purchase their entry position, then on a date provided they must drop off their samples in the weights and containers they are instructed to use.

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    So while the ladies of Pittsburgh were all, “His eyes. A Juilliard-trained actor born and raised in Pittsburgh, he continues to make a home here and stays heavily involved in local projects and organizations he believes in.