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He said he'd let me know the answer by song the next day. Right before class the next day he gathered everyone around and played his answer-song for me. was all about how ugly I was and how he hated me and didn't want to go out with me at all. For whatever it was worth, my classmates had my back.

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Cases of online dating gone wrong Free chat adult net

Is it easy to fall into a trap even when playing by the rules? Here are seven online dating cases with varying circumstances, and varying degrees of tragedy. In Southfield last weekend, 35-year-old West Bloomfield resident Venkata Cattamanchi arranged a date with 23-year-old Jessica Ermatinger of Canton, police say.

After meeting at a restaurant, the pair traveled to a motel, where Cattamanchi was allegedly robbed and murdered by three men waiting there. Clair Shores man set up a date with a woman he met through My Space.

Ermatinger and the three men were charged with murder and robbery. In March, a Ferndale man was beaten and robbed by a man he met online and an accomplice. While the pair were at dinner, the woman's accomplice cleaned out the man's apartment -- after she allegedly tipped him off via text message. In 2006, 28-year-old Michael Sandy of New York was killed after arranging a date through a gay chatroom.

The two men are accused of tying him up, beating him with a hammer and a handgun, taking his ATM car and withdrawing money from his bank account. They were charged with stealing $11,000 worth of the guy's stuff; she took a plea deal, he was sent to prison. Sandy arranged to meet a man in a park, but instead was met with a group of men who robbed and beat him.

And we've heard the rules ad nauseum about navigating the tricky waters of online dating and meeting: Don't give out personal information.