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The young French captain Charles de Gaulle also stayed here in the summers of 1919/1921 as an observer of the plebiscite in Silesia which saw it pass into the hands of Poland after WW1.

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At the hotelier’s exhibition in Bytom in 1904, it was awarded the gold medal and a prize funded by Duke Pszczyński.

It was home to three restaurants, a bakery and laundry room, boasting a bathroom on every floor – a sign of a luxury hotel in Europe at the time.

By the mid 1930’s, the Monopol had become the most expensive hotel in Katowice with a night costing 5.5 Złoty!

True splendour was brought to the Monopol with the wedding of the world renowned singer Jan Kiepura and the Hungarian film star Marta Eggerth in the autumn of 1936.

Katowice dates back to the 16th century but one would seek in vain for buildings dating back to that period.


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