Amanda leatherman dating daniel

Amanda has in the past few years grown to be a fairly large name in the poker community and her addition to the famous Bodog label will only elevate her buzz cloud.

On the issue, Amanda stated: “The Bodog life and my own are scarily similar. I’ll be posting those shots on my facebook as soon as I have them but in the meantime I’ll see you all at the tables, both live and online.”To provide some background, Amanda hit Las Vegas at age 19 and began playing poker from the start.

She learned the subtleties of the game playing from home and researching the strategies characteristic of the poker formula.

Amanda Leatherman is one of the most busy people in poker broadcasting, and we can’t blame the producers of poker shows for hiring her.

This petite blonde hottie distinguishes herself from other attractive poker show hostesses by actually knowing what she is talking about.