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Doha-based broadcaster Al-Jazeera shone a light on the situation many Filipinas, especially sex workers, face when foreigners leave more behind than they’ve arrived with.According to Al-Jazeera: But when the sex tourists from European or North American countries depart, they sometimes leave more behind than they’d arrived with.

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Grace met max when she was 24 and he was 78, while she was working in a bar in Angeles City’s red light district.

Whenever we see half-foreign kids, many of us assume that they live a life of luxury and that they are destined for stardom.

It’s rare for us to see the other side of the coin, the part where their mothers struggle to raise their child on their own.

A large number of children have been conceived in such exchanges and while some foreign nationals provide support for and, in some instances, even marry the mother of their child, many more children never even meet their biological father and are left to live in poverty.

Fiona, 7, Tristan, 5, and their mother Jennifer, 32, at their home in the Hardian 3 slum.