21 08 2012 adult dating swingers

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I’ve worked with couples who swing and couples who wouldn't dare, and one distinguishing characteristic I have found is that couples who swing have less fear than monogamous couples. In terms of the fear, monogamous couples often fall into the toxic jealousy trap, afraid that a particular behavior or gesture might lead to a full-fledged affair and the end of the relationship.

One of the traits that determines happiness and mental health is flexibility: the capacity for creativity, abstract thinking, and adapting to changing circumstances.

When it comes to the sex lives of swingers, there’s no question that they are more flexible in their approach to sex than their monogamous peers.

Lest you have visions of orgiastic bacchanals sprawled across the Lido Deck (what would Captain Steubing say? Nudity will be restricted to pool, spa tub areas, and special themed parties.

Similarly, Acts of Oneness (or twoness or eightness) must be remain in staterooms or designated "playrooms.'' PDAs are OK; Public Displays of the Other Kind are discouraged.